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Free Learner Access

This core programme provides all learners with free access to the Siyavula platform with its textbooks, adaptive practice software and career opportunities. Because our platform is designed to be used even on a feature phone, and is zero-rated by the major mobile operators in South Africa, accessibility is easy, and comes at no cost to the learner.  


Building on free learner access, the Siyavula Foundation runs a number of campaigns throughout the year to motivate learners to practise regularly. These include:

  • #HeadSTARt: running in February each year, #HeadSTARt aims to encourage learners to start the year with good practice habits, by setting and achieving weekly practice goals.

  • #1MillionMaths: this national campaign, which runs in September each year, is designed to get learners to start preparing for their end-of-year Mathematics and Physical Sciences exams.

The Siyavula Academy

The Siyavula Foundation supports a group of talented and motivated learners in their goal to obtain a distinction for Mathematics through a weekly after-school session guided by a Siyavula facilitator. These learners practise in step with the national Annual Teaching Plan, to obtain a minimum of 75% mastery on Siyavula for each topic throughout the year. This programme is currently run for South African learners.

Connections to the world of work

Through partnerships with organisations that offer career guidance and post-school opportunities, we provide a path for our learners to access tertiary study, bursaries, scholarships, internships, and even job opportunities. Our partners' offerings can all be found on the Siyavula's My Future page.  These highlight the kinds of opportunities our partners offer, and how learners can apply for them. 

Circle of Champions

Teachers at low and no-fee public schools who are interested in actively incorporating the Siyavula software into their teaching can apply to receive access to Siyavula's premium teachers tools. These tools allow teachers to track the performance of their learners, set and send homework assignments and assessments, and create their own classes. This programme is currently run for South African teachers.

ICT Co-facilitation

The Siyavula Foundation works with schools to support the integration of the Siyavula software into teaching and learning through a dedicated weekly Siyavula lesson delivered during school hours by a trained Siyavula facilitator. These sessions, which are co-facilitated by the teacher and our Siyavula ICT Facilitators, integrate with the regular teaching plan and guide technology-aided practice-for-mastery by learners.

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