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Your support will help a learner like Keletso Maila, who matriculated from a rural school in Limpopo province in 2022. Keletso started her journey with us in 2020, and credits Siyavula with helping her get through all the learning interruptions incurred during the Covid-19 lockdown. With her excellent matric results, Keletso was granted a bursary from one of our My Future partners.

She is now studying Actuarial Science at the University of the  Witwatersrand.

“We didn’t get taught enough in class, so I used Siyavula every day to catch up and work through all the chapters”.

Support us

Support learners like Keletso to achieve their dreams and unlock their careers by making a donation to support the Siyavula Foundation. This will help us keep the platform free for learners, and enhance the service we offer.

Your donation will keep our platform free for learners


Gives five learners free access

to Siyavula

for a year


Gives an entire class free access to Siyavula

for a year


Gives a grade at a school free access to Siyavula

for a year


Gives all learners at a school free access to Siyavula for a year


Choose your own amount to donate to support free

learner access

The Siyavula Foundation is a registered non-profit, public benefit organisation in South Africa, and donors will receive an 18A certificate for tax purposes. Please ensure you include your address on the form if you need an 18A certificate.

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