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In September 2020, Siyavula launched its practice service in Rwanda, opening up the platform to all S1 - S4 students doing Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry. Supported by the Mastercard Foundation and working with the Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB), we were able to align Siyavula Practice to the Rwandan curriculum. We also worked with nine pilot schools, training teachers to incorporate Siyavula Practice into their teaching. An integration with Moodle means that Siyavula Practice can now be served on the REB e-learning platform.


A partnership with enabled us to introduce a curriculum-aligned practice service in Nigeria for JSS1 - 3 and SSS1 - 3 students, on a localised website ( We also wrote curriculum-aligned textbooks for JSS1 - 3 students, which are hosted on the Siyavula Nigeria website. More info needed ...


Need info on this project.


With sponsorship from the Capitec Foundation, Siyavula ran a pilot project with Ikamva Youth, an after-school tutoring organisation that supports high school learners from disadvantaged communities. Run at two Ikamva Youth centres in Mamelodi (Gauteng) and Nyanga (Western Cape), Grade 9 - 11 learners were given access to Siyavula Practice, and allocated specific days in the computer labs to work on their maths and science. Tutors at Ikamva Youth also received training and support from Siyavula.


In conjunction with the Vodacom Mobile Education Programme, Siyavula provided Grade 10 - 12 Mathematics and Physical Sciences learners in nearly 80 government schools access to Siyavula Practice. Given the distribution of the schools across rural South Africa, group training workshops were conducted for teachers at various teacher centres. This was followed up with continuous support and engagement, and in-person visits to the schools.


In 2011, Siyavula was approached by the Department of Basic Education to rework our NCS Grade 10 Mathematics and Physical Sciences textbooks, to align to the new CAPS curriculum. After an extensive review process with the Department, the books were printed and distributed as supplementary material to all government schools in South Africa at the beginning of 2012. Subsequently, we worked with department experts to produce Grade 4 - 12 CAPS-aligned textbooks for Mathematics, and Natural and Physical Sciences.

Sponsorship from Old Mutual, the Vodacom Foundation and MMI Holdings enabled us to create and print Grade 10 - 12 Mathematics and Physical Sciences titles. Around four million textbooks were printed and distributed by the government to public school learners.


A partnership with the Sasol Inzalo Foundation (SaIF) enabled Siyavula to produce textbooks for Natural Sciences and Technology for Grades 4 - 6. These were printed by the Department of Basic Education, and distributed to every child in a government school in 2013. Following the success of this first phase, Siyavula was commissioned to produce Natural Sciences workbooks for Grade 7 - 9 learners. These were made openly available in print and online, with around six million copies printed and distributed in South Africa.


In partnership with the Sasol Inzalo Foundation (SaIF) and the Department of Basic Education, Siyavula designed and conducted a series of training workshops for Grade 4 - 9 Natural Sciences and Technology subject advisors across the nine provinces in South Africa. 


The objective of the project was to develop a cohort of effective Mathematics, Science and Technology subject advisors capable of providing mentorship and content-related support to their teachers. The focus of the workshops was on best practices, knowledge-sharing, integrating technology, working within resource constraints and challenges, and learning how to improvise as a subject advisor and teacher.

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