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In our first analysis of 5,000 learners from disadvantaged communities, we demonstrated that:

  • There is a strong correlation (0.73) between mastery on our platform and school results

  • The learners who practised more than 500 questions in a year performed, on average, 7% better than those learners who did not, across grades and initial performance levels.


We completed a small analysis of Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) learners who were active on our platform in 2018. The analysis showed that:

  • For every 1% change in chapter mastery on Siyavula, we see a 0.35% improvement in marks.

(The sample size for this analysis was fewer than 300 learners, so we defer to the first impact analysis, which had a smaple size that was 10 time larger.)


In this impact analysis, we identified a group of learners who had achieved at least 25% mastery of their grade content on Siyavula. We then identified a control group who had not made use of the platform, but had the same level of performance prior to the analysis. By comparing these two groups, we measured the impact of Siyavula on the target group. We found that:

  • The target group performed 7% better than the control group, who did not use Siyavula.

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