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We have developed a platform that provides high school students with open online textbooks and world-class adaptive practice software on a mobile-friendly and zero-rated platform to support the mastery of concepts in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. We enable students to generate evidence of effort and mastery of these skills, and use this to connect to post-school opportunities.

Our platform is used by a large and ever-increasing number of students every year. To support our mission, keep the platform free and expand our impact, the Siyavula Foundation is seeking like-minded partners to join us on our journey to help 10 million aspiring learners from Africa per year.

Partners can assist by making contributions to the Siyavula Foundation, a registered non-profit, public benefit organisation in South Africa. Contributions will be acknowledged in tiers with a R1,5m contribution being acknowledged as enabling full access for one subject-grade combination.


The Foundation is seeking to extend its consortium of funders and partners to support and scale its current work and extend its reach into new African territories. The areas of work include:

  • Operating and scaling in existing territories - South Africa and Rwanda
    Where we already have a locally aligned offering, we will continue to operate the software as a free service for all learners and seek to expand the reach and engagement through ongoing marketing and partnerships. We will deepen the partnership with local governments and help them to interpret and utilise the data and analytics.

  • Launch as a free service where alignment has been completed - Nigeria
    The adaptive software has been aligned to the Nigerian curriculum, the first three open textbook titles developed and a partnership with a telco already established. We seek to partner with a funder to enable us to launch it as a free service, deploy the required server capacity to run the service and establish a relationship with the local education ministry.

  • Align and launch in new territories - Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia
    We have scoped the work required to develop the open textbook titles and align the adaptive practice software to the local curricula of a number of English speaking territories with high mobile penetration. We seek to partner with funders to perform this work and launch in these new territories.

  • Invest in Research and Development
    The team of scientists at Siyavula would like to continue investing in the research needed to develop the next generation of its AI driven adaptive technology and increase the intelligence of the automated marking of mathematical responses. Other areas include improving the real-time analytics and dashboards for governments and provinces for tracking student progress and performance as well as developing a pipeline for translating the generative question items into languages such as French and Arabic.


Through strategic partnerships with local Education Ministries, pan African mobile network operators, and youth-focused funders, we seek to support 10 million African students per year to set and reach their Mathematics and Science learning goals with us.

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